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New gambling law in Sweden as of 2019


In Sweden, the state had had a monopoly on gambling since 1944. At the end of the year it is to be lifted now, for 1 January 2019 gambling offerers can apply for a Swedish gambling license – on-line Casinos are regulated so after more than 20 years finally.

In Sweden, gambling is widely accepted in society means the swedish portal According to some lottery inspection statistics, two thirds of all adults in Sweden participated in gambling last year alone. An average of 6,000 Swedish crowns (570 euros) is paid per adult person. Swedes invest around 2.2% of their disposable income in gambling machines.

Sweden is ranked 12th in the international ranking of game turnover per person. Overall, however, it must be said that the Nordic country cannot compete with China or America, where the stake per person is said to be in the thousands.

How was the gambling market structured so far?

The Swedish state introduced laws regulating gambling as early as the middle of the 19th century. The last lottery and gambling law came into force in 1944. According to the law, there should be only one state provider, which bears the name Svenskar Spel or Svenska casinosajter. Casinos, lotteries, bingo, poker or sports betting – the company was responsible for everyone. The exception was the horse betting market, which was always in the hands of the state company ATG. There were also some non-profit lotteries that were tolerated. Gambling companies can expect an average annual turnover of 21.6 billion crowns (around 2 billion euros), with the state companies generating 4.7 billion crowns (around 447 million euros) in net profit, 100% of which went to the Swedish treasury.

In Sweden, the gambling monopoly was based on the dangers of gambling addiction. By the monopoly one wanted to channel the gambling and thus keep the gambling addiction as small as possible.

Online casinos flooded the Swedish market

There are now many suppliers who have specialised in the Swedish market. Unibet and Betsson were among the first. The companies had Maltese licences and offered gambling within the EU under the freedom to provide services. Between 2008 and 2017, online providers increased their market share of gambling sales from 14% to 25%. Currently, 5.5 billion Swedish crowns (around 523 million euros) are turned over annually in online casinos.

At the same time, the state providers have only been able to increase their turnover by a few percentage points, or have lost some of it. In Sweden, the representatives of the state gaming companies also believe that foreign providers are not doing enough in the area of player protection.

The advertising of online casinos was also criticised. Actually, gambling advertising is excluded in Sweden, but ways to circumvent it were found. Some people even advertised it on television. The Swedish government would like to oppose clear rules.


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