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The WSG Wattens not only thinks of the winter crown


WSG Wattens is in the best of spirits before the second division autumn final and the home match against FC Liefering.

Wattens – The WSG is undefeated since the second round over ten games and as a leader of the 2nd league the best way to the Bundesliga. And yet it’s surprisingly quiet. “Imagine Wattens rising to the top and nobody notices it in the Holy Land,” coach Thomas Silberberger.“I’m good with our role. We work in peace, Wattens is known for that.”

Three rounds – after the home delivery game it’s on to Lustenau and finally Horn – are still missing for the winter crown, which Silberberger wants to secure with a cushion of points: “The winter crown is an absolutely worthwhile goal, because it makes everything easier and the pressure shifts elsewhere. Voices have already been heard that title competitor BW Linz (two points behind) does not want to license, the next team (Ried) is three points behind.

In Wattens “there’s no other topic than the license”: “Otherwise we wouldn’t have put up such a squad in summer”. The “change of mentality” seems to have succeeded with many established forces, although two newcomers (Ione Cabrera and Clemens Walch) also confirm their injury history. “We knew about a certain risk at certain points. But Cabrera has proved in his appearances that he is probably the best central defender in the league. And we will welcome Walch as a transfer bomb in winter.”

Ione CabreraHonors 

  • Erste Liga (1): 2012-13

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While FC Wacker is struggling to keep their class in the Bundesliga, Wattens is looking up. Many scenarios as to how things could continue in the coming season are possible: “For Wacker it would of course be the worst case if they relegated and we moved up. The whole of Tyrol has noticed over the past two years that there is still one club that is working very well with limited resources.”

The WSG would need a liga-compatible roof over its head for a promotion, which the Gernot Lange Stadium cannot (yet) offer: “This stadium question is justified and will arise even if we don’t become champions this year. We will certainly have to adapt and get a problem with the time span. I’m assuming that if we make it to the top, we’ll have to play the first half of the year in Tivoli.”

What is certain is that the number of professionals (currently 22) for the license application will have to be increased to 25 by the beginning of March. “This is a formal act. We’ll take our time to look at it,” notes WSG sports manager Stefan Köck, and is already playing through some sensible options: “The table leadership makes us more attractie.” Lucky247 has a welcome package that is consist of three bonuses.

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