4 Excellent Tips on How to Be A Winner at Office Politics


Office politics can land you in a tricky situation if you choose to ignore and pretend that you are in no way affected or involved. Despite your denial, you are already involved by just being a part of the office environment.

The good news is that just like regular politics there are ways for you to come out a winner. Read on to find out how.

Learn the Situation

If you have just joined a company and started a new job, or if you realized that there is no use in avoiding office politics, it is to your best interest if you begin to be more observant on what is exactly going on in the office.

The smartest way to approach this is by simply asking yourself basic questions such as who tends to have lunch breaks together or who are usually chosen for an important seminar or meeting.

Broadening Your Alliance Base

Broadening your alliance base is the smartest thing to begin with. You can choose to become a neutral party. You get the privilege of being involved in as many alliances as possible without being left behind in case one group decides to leave the company in the end.

Keep a Win-Win Situation

Just like regular politics, office politics can be a win-win situation for you and the rest of your colleagues. Stick to the golden rules of negotiating to come up with a winning deal for everyone. This isn’t about how you can try and defeat the other party, instead it is about how you can smartly play the game.

Principles Matter

Remember that you should strictly adhere to your principles, no matter what. If what is happening around the office is against your principles, then there is no need to get involved.

This is particularly true if you are just going to act on it due to revenge, fear, or even jealousy. It is definitely not worth the effort and time you’ll spend.

Overall, the key to winning at office politics is to understand the players and the rules of the game while making sure that it doesn’t conflict with your personal principles. Think beyond the present when a compromise is offered so you won’t end up at the losing end in the future.

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