The Top 3 Alternative Careers for Political Science Majors


Have you ever wondered if there is more to getting a degree in Political Science aside from the obvious career path to politics? If you answered “Yes!” to this question, then by all means read on to know about the most common career opportunities for Political Science degree holders.


Political Science goes hand-in-hand with Business. Your understanding of international and national policies including global trends can help you better understand consumers and the economy.

Business Market Research

You have the chance to communicate with prospective and existing clients to better understand their business objectives. As a business market researcher, you will need to collect your customer’s opinions on the services or products offered, coordinate research projects, and asses their suitability to the current market.

Business Specialist

You are highly capable of identifying and handling issues that either promote or defend the company’s interests. This would include conducting discussions and contract signings that are foreseen to be beneficial and profitable for the company you are working for.

Public Relations Specialist

Direct public attention and interest to the company or personality you are working for. You can achieve this by identifying the correct line of communication and specifying targets through an assortment of press releases or public announcements.


Having a degree in Political Science can help you become successful in having a Journalism career. Typically, journalists cover international and national events and news that are related to politics.

You can choose to become an investigative journalist, an editor, or even a political commentator depending on your preference.


A number of Political Science degree holders find a life in the academe more satisfying, which is why they choose a career in an academic institution.

Your Bachelor’s degree in Political Science can qualify you as an elementary school teacher for Social Studies while having a Master’s degree can get you a higher-grade teaching level. If you wish to become a professor or researcher for any college or university, you would need to have a PhD.

As you can see, politics is not the end all and be all for a Political Science degree holder. You can always choose a different career path to where your interests lie but having a solid background and degree in Political Science can give you the much-needed boost that you might be looking for.

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