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New gambling law in Sweden as of 2019


In Sweden, the state had had a monopoly on gambling since 1944. At the end of the year it is to be lifted now, for 1 January 2019 gambling offerers can apply for a Swedish gambling license – on-line Casinos are regulated so after more than 20 years finally.

In Sweden, gambling is widely accepted in society means the swedish portal According to some lottery inspection statistics, two thirds of all adults in Sweden participated in gambling last year alone. An average of 6,000 Swedish crowns (570 euros) is paid per adult person. Swedes invest around 2.2% of their disposable income in gambling machines.

Sweden is ranked 12th in the international ranking of game turnover per person. Overall, however, it must be said that the Nordic country cannot compete with China or America, where the stake per person is said to be in the thousands.

How was the gambling market structured so far?

The Swedish state introduced laws regulating gambling as early as the middle of the 19th century. The last lottery and gambling law came into force in 1944. According to the law, there should be only one state provider, which bears the name Svenskar Spel or Svenska casinosajter. Casinos, lotteries, bingo, poker or sports betting – the company was responsible for everyone. The exception was the horse betting market, which was always in the hands of the state company ATG. There were also some non-profit lotteries that were tolerated. Gambling companies can expect an average annual turnover of 21.6 billion crowns (around 2 billion euros), with the state companies generating 4.7 billion crowns (around 447 million euros) in net profit, 100% of which went to the Swedish treasury.

In Sweden, the gambling monopoly was based on the dangers of gambling addiction. By the monopoly one wanted to channel the gambling and thus keep the gambling addiction as small as possible.

Online casinos flooded the Swedish market

There are now many suppliers who have specialised in the Swedish market. Unibet and Betsson were among the first. The companies had Maltese licences and offered gambling within the EU under the freedom to provide services. Between 2008 and 2017, online providers increased their market share of gambling sales from 14% to 25%. Currently, 5.5 billion Swedish crowns (around 523 million euros) are turned over annually in online casinos.

At the same time, the state providers have only been able to increase their turnover by a few percentage points, or have lost some of it. In Sweden, the representatives of the state gaming companies also believe that foreign providers are not doing enough in the area of player protection.

The advertising of online casinos was also criticised. Actually, gambling advertising is excluded in Sweden, but ways to circumvent it were found. Some people even advertised it on television. The Swedish government would like to oppose clear rules.



Arsenal back on track, City fails


With Mesut Özil, FC Arsenal has returned to success in the Premier League. Liverpool are extending their lead at the top of the standings with Manchester City surprisingly failing Crystal Palace. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes his debut at Manchester United.

After had speculated during the week about Özil’s early departure during the winter break, Arsenal coach Unai Emery ordered the playmaker back into the starting eleven for the first time in 41 days. Özil, who even made his comeback as captain, played a major part in the Gunners’ 3-1 win over FC Burnley on Saturday (22.12.2018).

Aubameyang with double pack for Arsenal

The German playmaker introduced the early lead for Arsenal with a nice pass to Sead Kolasinac, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang used the template (14th minute). Curious: For the first time this season, Arsenal went into the half-time break with a lead.

Aubameyang increased to 2:0 shortly after the restart after a counterattack. Ashley Barnes brought Burnley back up with the following goal (63rd). But in injury time, substitute Alex Iwobi, once again on Özil’s side, made the decision. The “Gunners” returned to the successful track after two defeats in the last two games and at the same time caught up with FC Chelsea. The Blues conceded a 1-0 defeat at home to Leicester City.

Home bankruptcy for Manchester City

Manchester City, Liverpool’s first chaser, suffered a bitter setback in the title race. Coach Pep Guardiola’s side lost 3-2 to Crystal Palace in their own stadium.

German international Ilkay Gündogan (27) took the hosts into the lead in the 27th minute, but Jeffrey Schlupp (33), Andros Townsend (35) – with a dream volley from almost 30 metres away – and Luka Milivojevic (51 / penalty) turned the game around in favour of the guests from the south of London. City playmaker Kevin de Bruyne’s follow-up five minutes from time came too late. The surprising bankruptcy increased the gap to Liverpool to four points.

Liverpool continue without defeat

Liverpool had already defended the top of the table on Friday evening with a 2-0 (1-0) victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers. The still undefeated “Reds” are thus close to the perfect end of the first round. The club with coach Jürgen Klopp is only one game away from the first half of the season without losing their Premier League history.
Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk rejoices after his goal to 2-0

On Friday evening (21.12.2018), the upcoming Bayern Munich Champions League opponent celebrated his 15th victory of the season with the rising star on the 18th matchday – an almost flawless result that is reflected in an excellent mood among the Liverpool fans.

Salah with season goal number eleven

The goals for the superior “Reds” in the previous surprise team of the season scored offensive star Mohamed Salah (18 th minute) and defender Virgil van Dijk (68 th). Salah once again underlined his status as Liverpool’s life insurance company and used it for the eleventh time this season. The online bookmakers increased their odds.


4 Excellent Tips on How to Be A Winner at Office Politics


Office politics can land you in a tricky situation if you choose to ignore and pretend that you are in no way affected or involved. Despite your denial, you are already involved by just being a part of the office environment.

The good news is that just like regular politics there are ways for you to come out a winner. Read on to find out how.

Learn the Situation

If you have just joined a company and started a new job, or if you realized that there is no use in avoiding office politics, it is to your best interest if you begin to be more observant on what is exactly going on in the office.

The smartest way to approach this is by simply asking yourself basic questions such as who tends to have lunch breaks together or who are usually chosen for an important seminar or meeting.

Broadening Your Alliance Base

Broadening your alliance base is the smartest thing to begin with. You can choose to become a neutral party. You get the privilege of being involved in as many alliances as possible without being left behind in case one group decides to leave the company in the end.

Keep a Win-Win Situation

Just like regular politics, office politics can be a win-win situation for you and the rest of your colleagues. Stick to the golden rules of negotiating to come up with a winning deal for everyone. This isn’t about how you can try and defeat the other party, instead it is about how you can smartly play the game.

Principles Matter

Remember that you should strictly adhere to your principles, no matter what. If what is happening around the office is against your principles, then there is no need to get involved.

This is particularly true if you are just going to act on it due to revenge, fear, or even jealousy. It is definitely not worth the effort and time you’ll spend.

Overall, the key to winning at office politics is to understand the players and the rules of the game while making sure that it doesn’t conflict with your personal principles. Think beyond the present when a compromise is offered so you won’t end up at the losing end in the future.

BW Linz lucky247

The WSG Wattens not only thinks of the winter crown


WSG Wattens is in the best of spirits before the second division autumn final and the home match against FC Liefering.

Wattens – The WSG is undefeated since the second round over ten games and as a leader of the 2nd league the best way to the Bundesliga. And yet it’s surprisingly quiet. “Imagine Wattens rising to the top and nobody notices it in the Holy Land,” coach Thomas Silberberger.“I’m good with our role. We work in peace, Wattens is known for that.”

Three rounds – after the home delivery game it’s on to Lustenau and finally Horn – are still missing for the winter crown, which Silberberger wants to secure with a cushion of points: “The winter crown is an absolutely worthwhile goal, because it makes everything easier and the pressure shifts elsewhere. Voices have already been heard that title competitor BW Linz (two points behind) does not want to license, the next team (Ried) is three points behind.

In Wattens “there’s no other topic than the license”: “Otherwise we wouldn’t have put up such a squad in summer”. The “change of mentality” seems to have succeeded with many established forces, although two newcomers (Ione Cabrera and Clemens Walch) also confirm their injury history. “We knew about a certain risk at certain points. But Cabrera has proved in his appearances that he is probably the best central defender in the league. And we will welcome Walch as a transfer bomb in winter.”

Ione CabreraHonors 

  • Erste Liga (1): 2012-13

FC Liefering lucky247

While FC Wacker is struggling to keep their class in the Bundesliga, Wattens is looking up. Many scenarios as to how things could continue in the coming season are possible: “For Wacker it would of course be the worst case if they relegated and we moved up. The whole of Tyrol has noticed over the past two years that there is still one club that is working very well with limited resources.”

The WSG would need a liga-compatible roof over its head for a promotion, which the Gernot Lange Stadium cannot (yet) offer: “This stadium question is justified and will arise even if we don’t become champions this year. We will certainly have to adapt and get a problem with the time span. I’m assuming that if we make it to the top, we’ll have to play the first half of the year in Tivoli.”

What is certain is that the number of professionals (currently 22) for the license application will have to be increased to 25 by the beginning of March. “This is a formal act. We’ll take our time to look at it,” notes WSG sports manager Stefan Köck, and is already playing through some sensible options: “The table leadership makes us more attractie.” Lucky247 has a welcome package that is consist of three bonuses.

FC Wacker Innsbruck freaky aces

Wacker’s balance sheet full of visions: Dreaming will still be allowed


Between training center and loss figures: The future of FC Wacker Innsbruck is to be put on track with new sponsors.

Innsbruck – When FC Wacker Innsbruck invited background talks in the past, there was always a little sobriety. Motto: We work hard, but the budget doesn’t allow for long jumps. Yesterday the situation was a little different, when entrepreneurial spirit mixed into the modest stocktaking. “In the previous season we had a plus of 70,000 euros, we can be proud”, President Gerhard Stocker opened, to mention in the same breath: “We still have to reduce our losses by 465,000 euros”. To accomplish this is a “giant challenge“.

But Stocker and his General Manager Alfred Hörtnagl prefer to look ahead: for example to the training centre project in Mieming, which is in the area dedication phase. The narrow-gauge version (€ 8.1 million) appears as a realistic basis, the deluxe version (with a skater’s place for the community etc./€ 15.6 million) as a thought model.

Alfred Hörtnagl Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (5):
    • 1989, 1990, 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Austrian Cup (3):
    • 1989, 1993, 1996

Austrian Cup freaky aces

Only with three of 20 steps

Now it is about financing (grants, equity, crowdfunding, sponsors, investors) and a schedule: eight months planning, 12 to 14 months construction time. “We are only at three of 20 steps,” explains Peter Margreiter, who is responsible for the project.

Wacker’s future is also to be put on track in the near future. The already announced marketing cooperation with the renowned Swiss company Infront is intended to give the association the opportunity to establish contacts in the international sponsorship landscape. Freaky Aces is a new bright and colourful online casino and has a nice welcome bonus where on the first deposit new players can receive a 200% up to €200.

“It’s the next step to find partners outside Tyrol,” said Gerhard Stocker at yesterday’s presentation. In future, three to four people in Innsbruck will be looking for VIP and hospitality in addition to sponsors, and a 70-page contract will regulate the details of the cooperation, which will begin at the beginning of November.

The previously expressed concern that the association would have to fear for its identity in view of the marketing of all the commercial rights of the association, President Gerhard Stocker yesterday dispelled: “Everything is regulated in the association’s statutes, and we also have a right of veto with every possible conclusion.”

Stefan Krauß, Managing Director of Infront Austria, is quoted in an anointing speech: “I am delighted that we can now also count Austria among our extensive football portfolio”. They want to help establish FC Wacker as a permanent fixture in the Bundesliga.

Infront was already in contact with us in the past, when cooperation failed due to contract details. FC Wacker will not have to pay any commission on existing sponsorship agreements concluded before 1 September. The hope of urgently needed donors is alive.

World Cup william hill casino

Football poet and world champion coach: Menotti celebrates 80th birthday


Argentina’s first World Cup victory remains controversial: a left-wing coach celebrates under a military dictatorship. Cesar Luis Menotti became a figure in time and football history when he won the title in 1978.

Buenos Aires – Hardly anyone talks as poetically about football as Cesar Luis Menotti. “The ball can become a work of art on the feet and in the heads of some players,” he told Radio Mitre in a conversation on his 80th birthday. A typical Menotti. Even 40 years after his greatest success, winning the 1978 World Cup in his own country, the Argentinian is still heard. And he is the subject of discussion. The South American country has been under the reign of a military dictatorship since 1976.

After the failure of the national team at the 1974 World Cup in Germany, Menotti was hired as coach of the Gauchos. Dictator Rafael Videla and the military placed great hopes in football and the World Cup in order to achieve international prestige and recognition. Menotti, who had become a member of the Communist Party in his hometown of Rosario, tried to avoid political statements that could be understood as support for the military. He later said, “My players have defeated the dictatorship of tactics and the terror of systems,” which could be interpreted as criticism of the political system.

FC Barcelona william hill casino

“Didn’t know the extent of the atrocities.”

It is controversial whether the winning of the title benefited the rulers or harmed them. “I knew what happened (during the military dictatorship), but I didn’t know the extent of the atrocities, that they threw people alive from planes into the river,” Menotti recently explained in a TV conversation. He sees the World Cup victory as a success that made it more difficult for the military to control the population: “Millions took to the streets (to celebrate), a defeat would have been more favorable for the dictatorship.”

The Argentinians beat the Netherlands 3-1 after extra time in the final, in which Mario Kempes scored two goals. On the way, Menotti’s team had won 6-0 against Peru – a game suspected of manipulation and one of the most controversial in football history.

Menotti had already defined his style after his first coach’s title in 1973 with Club Huracán in the Argentine league: “Offensive, clean, cheerful”, in contrast to the purely result-oriented game. That is a “left” football. He told the newspaper “Clarin”: “The teams who won with a good game will be remembered. A year after the World Cup, Menotti also won the U-20 World Cup in Japan, with 18-year-old Maradona as the star. After the failure of the national team at the World Cup in Spain had to go “El Falco” (the drought). For 25 years, the Argentinian, notorious for his immense cigarette consumption, was the coach of various clubs, including FC Barcelona, but without much success. William Hill Casino has been providing a  quality gaming since 1934.

Birthday actually already over

Menotti was born a few days before his official birthday on 5 November 1938, as he says on the documents. “I was actually born on 22 October, but apparently my father said at my birth: ‘What are we going to do with this boy? Let’s wait and see before we throw him away’, Menotti joked a few years ago about his date of birth in an interview with the sports magazine “El Grafico”. The real reason was that his father had to travel two days after his birth and missed the deadline for registering the child with the registry office on his return. He had simply indicated a later date of birth.

Three Important Life Lessons Learned from Politics


Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela all have something in common aside from being one of the popular persons in the history of politics.

They are all extraordinary individuals who have left a mark in society due to their principles and powerful vision for the future.

If there is anything that we can learn from them that we can apply to our daily lives, these would be the following:

Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency

Integrity, honesty and transparency are 3 things that great leaders’ value most. They understand just how easy it is to lose one’s trust while they have to work hard to gain it in the first place.

As exemplified by the great leaders of our society, we stand to gain a lot if we also apply these 3 things to our everyday dealings with others. It may be hard at first for some individuals, but the effort will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Clarity and Values

Take a step back to ponder on what things are important to you. Weigh the pros and cons so you don’t get the feeling that you were just pressured to take a stand on an issue without being given the time to properly think things through.

Once you have done identifying, be courageous in showing your decision via your actions and words. Your best compass or guide for making critical decisions in life would be your value system.

This value system is what gives you the opportunity to choose a path that you would find fulfilling as you travel towards your chosen road.

Build Winning Alliances

How often do we, nowadays, hear that saying, “No man is an island”? Not as much as we would like, right? No matter how simple the saying may be, it serves as a reminder that we need others to achieve our goals in life.

Take the time to build a strong network comprised of your family, friends, team members, and supporters. These people are the best sources of encouragement, advice, and resources.

Tap into your inner self to bring out a strength to seek out and build winning alliances and relationships. You’ll see that a strong network support system can help you achieve your goals or almost anything that you set your mind on.

I’m sure that these 3 life lessons are just the tip of the iceberg, but I personally think that these should be the core values that everyone should take to heart and follow. How about you? What are the life lessons you learned from politics?

The Top 3 Alternative Careers for Political Science Majors


Have you ever wondered if there is more to getting a degree in Political Science aside from the obvious career path to politics? If you answered “Yes!” to this question, then by all means read on to know about the most common career opportunities for Political Science degree holders.


Political Science goes hand-in-hand with Business. Your understanding of international and national policies including global trends can help you better understand consumers and the economy.

Business Market Research

You have the chance to communicate with prospective and existing clients to better understand their business objectives. As a business market researcher, you will need to collect your customer’s opinions on the services or products offered, coordinate research projects, and asses their suitability to the current market.

Business Specialist

You are highly capable of identifying and handling issues that either promote or defend the company’s interests. This would include conducting discussions and contract signings that are foreseen to be beneficial and profitable for the company you are working for.

Public Relations Specialist

Direct public attention and interest to the company or personality you are working for. You can achieve this by identifying the correct line of communication and specifying targets through an assortment of press releases or public announcements.


Having a degree in Political Science can help you become successful in having a Journalism career. Typically, journalists cover international and national events and news that are related to politics.

You can choose to become an investigative journalist, an editor, or even a political commentator depending on your preference.


A number of Political Science degree holders find a life in the academe more satisfying, which is why they choose a career in an academic institution.

Your Bachelor’s degree in Political Science can qualify you as an elementary school teacher for Social Studies while having a Master’s degree can get you a higher-grade teaching level. If you wish to become a professor or researcher for any college or university, you would need to have a PhD.

As you can see, politics is not the end all and be all for a Political Science degree holder. You can always choose a different career path to where your interests lie but having a solid background and degree in Political Science can give you the much-needed boost that you might be looking for.

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